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Glen Johnson

Operations Geologist


I recently used R-WEB's wellsite data management and analysis software for a significant discovery. Wireline Engineers showed a Water Gradient in the well, while I interpreted an Oil Gradient. Using R-WEB for pressure data analysis, I analysed True Vertical Depth (TVD) and picked out individual sand packages from the screen display. We were evaluating a low-resistivity pay zone and that was one reason the Logging Engineers assumed it was water wet. The amazing part was we nearly walked away from a major oil discovery, which ultimately flowed 9000 BOPD.


David Pattrick 

Geoscience Operations Manager, Conoco Phillips Indonesia excellent repository for geological operations type data


Conoco Phillips Indonesia has used the R-WEB software for more than 3 years and found it to be an excellent repository for geological operations type data collected at the wellsite. The software generates daily reports and the database can be accessed and queried to assist in such diverse areas as completion of the Final Well Report or comparing and contrasting wireline contractor downtime metrics. Our database now comprises nearly 100 wells, with the data on each well available at one's desktop with just a few keystrokes - a far cry from the old days of wading through box files looking for the Final Well Report!


Peter Weaver

Senior Operations Geologist, BHP Billiton Petroleum


R-WEB has become BHP Billiton's (based in Australia) standard Wellsite geological data capture and reporting tool for all drilling operations. Not only do we have seamless data transfer during drilling operations, and quality, standardised, Daily Geographical Reports, R-WEB's suite of analytical tools allow members of the team to extract, analyse and make decisions instantly from a central data interpretation hub. Because R-WEB has been designed and built by experienced Operations and Wellsite Geologists, the logic and power of this solution suits BHPB's approach, by capturing a library of quality information from all our wells delivering significant benefits to our well planning process. R-WEB will play a significant role in BHPB's future drilling programs.



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