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World Class Operational Software


R-WEB Enterprise:  R-WEB becomes the hub of your operational intelligence. It houses all critical geocentric data in one place, ready to be analysed on demand.  Powerful toolkits and flexible reporting in the one software package. We deliver the entire suite so there is no requirement for users to purchase additional modules.

Pressure Explorer:  This multi-well pressure data interpretation package allows identification of reservoir fluid types and fluid contacts; and the attractive presentation of formation pressure data allows rapid determination of gradient quality.  This centralised database gets the Pressure Analyst out of Excel and into a powerful, relational and secure database with a powerful toolkit to deliver visually stunning Pressure Views.

GeoMin: Mineralogy at the Wellsite is now possible with the GeoMin service. GeoMin is produced by Ana-min, the technology experts at the forefront of wellsite mineralogy.  Immediate information on total organic carbon, thermal maturity, aromatics and alkanes can be delivered by GeoMin and stored within R-WEB. 

WellCAD Link:  R-WEB has built a wizard import function for WellCAD to swiftly pull R-WEB data into the package, reducing the time taken to produce detailed composite well logs.


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