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Wellsite Operational Intelligence is how R-WEB describes its approach to the development of geological software solutions.


R-WEB provides geological software tools that organise operational well data in a quality controlled database, accessible by multiple users at any time without corrupting the original dataset.


R-WEB's suite of products enable efficient and effective decision making while drilling and sophisticated reporting to stakeholders. Application of our technologies can reduce risk for your operations, result in less downtime, and enable more effective well planning.  


R-WEB's mandate is simple - provide the client with a toolkit that leverages its operational intelligence for fast, effective decision making. As we continually remind our clients....  


"It's all about your data".  



Our Software


for the Wellsite & Operations Geologist
Pressure Explorer
for the Reservoir Analyst
GeoMin Integration
for the Mineralogy Specialist
WellCAD Link
for detailed Composite Well Logs

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R-WEB provides 24/7 technical support to its customers. If you have an urgent support request, please call:


24/7 SUPPORT -

 A/H / Emergency - +61 (0)424 813 680


For non-urgent support queries, please Contact Us.

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